Friday, February 27, 2009

Introducing Brick Street Breads!

Brick Street Breads, an offset of Brick Street Bakery in the Historic Distillery District came about as word of the quality handcrafted breads (made from local organic flour) spread. Their Commitment to sustainable farming practices and use of predominantly local ingredients is paramount. Producing high quality ‘old world’ hearth style breads is a mandate they strictly adhere to. Brick Street Breads was voted 'Best Bakery 2008' by Now Magazine. All loaves come in a round shape (called boules) or oval (batard) which is usually up to the bakers discretion. All of the breads we are offering come par-baked so you can have them fresh out of your oven at home. A baguette takes 4-7 mins in the oven at 400 to fully bake, a loaf 7-10 minutes depending on the oven. The "home baker" must watch for a darkening of the crust and smell of fresh bread to know when to take it out. Brick Street Uses 100% organic flour that come from three suppliers: Grain Process (from the Prairies,) and our LOCAL suppliers are CIPM (from Madoc Ontario outside London) and Oak Manor Farms (from Tavistock Ontario outside Guelph).