Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome GEO to the world of Facebook!

Welcome GEO to the world of Facebook!

After hours spent trying to figure out how to create a fan page for facebook I’ve finally accomplished it!
We plan on using facebook to connect with you without being intrusive, and to build a better relationship. We will be posting lots of photos of our bins, new products, staff and office/warehouse premises to open our doors and give you a better idea of who we are.

We also look forward to letting you know about up and coming events we will be taking part in and how they turned out.

You will be able to see other businesses and organizations we become fans of and connect with.
You will also be able to communicate how you feel about our products and service if you are happy with it and give us any ideas how we could better our service to you.

We will also take the opportunity to promote sales and special offers exclusively to our facebook fans, as well you can find out about them before anyone else!

You will be able to find out great tips for cooking, food storage and ideas. We look forward to posting and exchanging recipes and sharing feedback on them. As we get further into the local season we will let you know what our farmers have for the coming weeks.

We will be launching a monthly discussion board on topics that include food, organics, cooking and the environment. We look forward to your input on what matters to you and where you stand on important topics.

As some of you may have noticed our Vancouver and Muskoka location have had fan pages for quite some time and I’ve noticed some of you becoming fans there(probably because we did not have a page yet!)-So time to move over, and become a fan of GEO Toronto!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Organic Artists!

We really appreciate all of our customers who support us and we also like to support our organic food eating community in return

After talking with one of your fellow organic advocates, I wanted to share with you her profile and hope you can find interest in her music as I did.

Artist Summary
Genres: Alternative / Folk Rock / Pop
Label: Heart and Soul Consulting
Management: Teresa Boase
Artist Bio

TREE (Teresa) at the age of 4 began dancing. A few years later along with her dance performances she discovered her natural singing abilities and received recognition for her talent by performing for sick children,the elderly and the general public. 30 years later,Teresa continues to sing and has been song writing for 14 years. She also plays classical, Acoustic and electric guitar along with piano, drums, bongos and various other percussion instruments. In the year 2003 Teresa became a music teacher, teaching young children and inspiring her students to live their dreams. Not only is she a teacher. Teresa is the mother of 2 children named Ashlyn and James. Along with Teresa, their father, Daniel, is a big role model in the children's life today. Unfortunately the marriage dissolved in the spring of 2009. Today, Teresa is focussing on how to give back to the world and using her music to touch people's lives. We ask all Teresa fans and viewers to take a little time and support her, in signing-up with reverbNation

Please let us know what you are up to in the community, we are always interested!

Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the GEO customer survey. It has been very helpful to us and we have already started implementing some of the suggestions from you!
Congratulations to Stacey on whose name we drew to win a $50 gift certificate. We hope you enjoy it.

Introducing Beretta Farms Certified Organic Meat

Our meats are from Beretta Organic Farms, please note the
All meat products are fresh unless otherwise stated. In order to insure you receive the freshest possible, all meat orders must be placed by 12pm the Friday before your delivery. We will add a $30 reusable cooler deposit to every order which will be refunded upon return. We like to encourage standing orders for 5% discount as well,the deposit will be charged only once. Each cooler will include 1-2 cooler packs that we expect to be returned along with your cooler. You should also arrange to be home at the time of delivery.

All meat is sold by the pound and we will try to get is as close to your order as possible. Your invoice may be adjusted slightly once the meat arrives, with in the pound.

"Beretta Organic Farms is a family run farm committed to providing organic meats for people who are concerned not only about what they eat but also about the health and well-being of the earth.

On our farm we use no chemicals, genetically modified organisms, or artificial fertilizers in our cropping. No antibiotics or growth promoters are used in raising our livestock.

Beretta Organic Farms not only grows the meat and produce, but does the processing as well. We do all our own cutting and wrapping, smoking, sausage making, which allows us to provide a healthy organic product that is custom-processed for each unique customer's needs."

We hope you enjoy the new member to our growing line of products and always welcome more suggestions!