Monday, March 30, 2009

About Mountain View Estates Coffee

If you have yet to try Mountain View Estates Coffee, now is the time. Their coffee is freshly roasted each week. It's fair trade certifies and shade grown.

"The Mountain View Estates Coffee Company is a gourmet coffee company that specializes in only the best coffees grown from around the world. Our coffees are carefully roasted to exact specifications yielding the best tasting coffee ever.

Choose from our extensive line of Fair Trade, organic coffees or our conventional roasts.

If you are looking for a coffee that everyone will talk about and leave a lasting impression we have the specialty roast you are searching for.

Mountain View is Liscenced with Trans Fair Canada and has one of the most extensive lines of Certified Fair Trade and Organic Coffees."

Learn more on Mountain View Estate's website:

Mountain View Estates Direct Fair Trade Organic Coffee is available from Green Earth Organics! Check out the Coffee & Tea category (2nd and 3rd page) on the website or call us in the office at 416-285-5300 for more information.