Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas shopping do's & don'ts

1. Brand matters-Shop at good quality stores. Christmas is a time to buy gifts for others, so you don’t want to buy cheap goods that will last only a few months. Look for durable items that will remind your recipient of your love throughout the coming year. In a lot of cases, try to choose something you would enjoy receiving.
2. Stay safe-If you’re buying online; be sure that the website has SSL technology. You can click on the blue bar for details on the security. You definitely want your credit card information to stay secure. Further, if you don’t receive your purchased item, you can contest the charge.
3. Make a list-One way to save money this Christmas would be to prepare a list well in advance. Don’t head out to the store only with your credit card in hand. Impulse shopping can keep you up at night worrying about bills!
4. Special wrapping-Christmas gifts are more than just gifts. They reflect the sentiments of the giver. So save a little money to wrap up your gift in a special way. You can even add a customized note to each family member.
5. Discounts-They can be found at almost every store. Make best use of them! Keep your eyes open for a good bargain. However, don’t compromise on quality!

Next : Christmas Shopping don’ts …
1. Avoid weekends-(Or shop on line!) If you want to avoid bumping shoulders with every other shopper then go shopping on a weekday – preferably in the morning. Salespeople are a lot friendlier when they don’t have a crowd to handle.
2. Don’t limit your choice-So you’ve made a list of items to be bought, but you can’t find one or two. What do you do? Plan for this in advance by writing a back up gift option on your list. This will save you a lot of time especially if you’re shopping for a large number of people.
3. Don’t lose receipts-Save all the receipts from your Christmas shopping expedition. You may need it later, when your gift turns out to be faulty or has a missing part. Your gift recipient will be glad you can get a replacement.
4. Don’t wrap right away-Check your item thoroughly before you thrown on the fancy wrapping paper. Also remember to remove the price tag and other purchase particulars.
5. Don’t wait-Christmas shopping doesn’t need to be restricted to December. Shop when something catches your fancy. You can store it away for Christmas day!

And most important Do: share your tips with others!

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