Friday, March 5, 2010

Organic Artists!

We really appreciate all of our customers who support us and we also like to support our organic food eating community in return

After talking with one of your fellow organic advocates, I wanted to share with you her profile and hope you can find interest in her music as I did.

Artist Summary
Genres: Alternative / Folk Rock / Pop
Label: Heart and Soul Consulting
Management: Teresa Boase
Artist Bio

TREE (Teresa) at the age of 4 began dancing. A few years later along with her dance performances she discovered her natural singing abilities and received recognition for her talent by performing for sick children,the elderly and the general public. 30 years later,Teresa continues to sing and has been song writing for 14 years. She also plays classical, Acoustic and electric guitar along with piano, drums, bongos and various other percussion instruments. In the year 2003 Teresa became a music teacher, teaching young children and inspiring her students to live their dreams. Not only is she a teacher. Teresa is the mother of 2 children named Ashlyn and James. Along with Teresa, their father, Daniel, is a big role model in the children's life today. Unfortunately the marriage dissolved in the spring of 2009. Today, Teresa is focussing on how to give back to the world and using her music to touch people's lives. We ask all Teresa fans and viewers to take a little time and support her, in signing-up with reverbNation

Please let us know what you are up to in the community, we are always interested!

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