Sunday, May 16, 2010

Giselle’s Top Ten Ways to use Ontario Fresh Mint

1. Put the fresh bunch of mint into a tea pot, pour boiling water over, and let sit for a few minutes-enjoy! Fresh Mint Tea
2. Crush mint with golden cane sugar, fresh lime juice, S.Pellgreno and dark spicy rum, need I say more, Mohitto!
3. Mint Ice-Freeze a leaf in with your ice cube trays, add a raspberry, or drop of lemon or lime for great flavoured water
4. Thinly chopped mixed with honey and poppy seeds, drizzled over 1/2 a grapefruit,
5. Fruit salad
6. or yogurt and granola
7. One of my good friends’ Mint sauce right from India-Recipe on reverse
8. Fresh Mango Salsa, with tomatoes, lime, ginger, topped on seared tuna steaks
9. Thinly sliced and tossed with lemon and olive oil linguine, the recipe is on our website, I think I reuse it every year its so good!
10. Mixed with couscous, tomato lemon, olive oil in tabouli
11. Mixed in with Humus
12. Garnished on Angel food cake with raspberries or blackberries-I’ve made this cake on a number of occasions including Jules 1st Birthday

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