Monday, June 14, 2010

New GEO Member

Originally from Quebec City, Valerie Hould-Marchand learned English at the age of 15 while competing nationally and internationally in the sport of Synchronized Swimming. Valerie won a Silver Medal as a member of the Canadian Synchronized Swimming Team at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, where she was the youngest member of the Canadian delegation. In 1998, at the Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games, she won gold for Canada in the solo event. Valerie is now in the field of broadcasting and continues to be involved in sports as a coach and as a certified Sports Nutritionist.
Valerie is one of our latest customers to share the joy of receiving our weekly regular harvest basket to her home in Toronto. As a certified holistic nutritionist she will be sharing her expertise exclusively to our GEO customers through our monthly newsletter. We will also have a monthly Q&A section where you can email us your questions on Nutrition and fitness for Valerie to answer.
“Why the environment is important to me:
As a retired Synchronized Swimmer, I now practice a variety of outdoor activities and poor air quality makes them increasingly difficult. We need to be aware of the effects we have on the environment and I believe athletes can play an important role in raising awareness on environmental issues.
Why I'm a Clean Air Champion:
As humans, the environment is the only home we have. Many experts believe it is not too late to reverse some of the harm our planet has suffered. However, the challenge is getting enough people to take action so we can make a difference in our lifetime. Being a member of the CAC allows me to educate and promote the importance of implementing new practices to ensure a healthy and sustainable environment.”
Top performances:  Olympic Games Silver Medalist 1996
Pan American Games gold medalist 1999
Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist 1998
Athlete of the year 1995, 1997 
Career and interests:  Broadcaster, Holistic Nutritionist and Synchronized Swimming coach

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