Tuesday, December 28, 2010

About Tony Judt Auditorium

We wish to create a place where local grass-roots activism meets international agenda of building a new truly democratic society. In order to plant seeds of a better world we need to advance our knowledge and understanding of History and the human cultural heritage. However, understanding our history, in particularly the recent political events that led to the present disaster, is not enough. Many believe that since the voting process has gone completely foul and the working class is disappearing in America, there is an urgent need for local organizing. So this is it!
There an equally urgent need to revive the comatose Left, while also distancing oneself form all its spectacular failures and illusions. Brilliant historian and social commentator, Tony Judt, who passed away this August, left behind a plea that there was an alternative to two conceivable ways the history can develop: either capitalism or Bolshevism. He, and others, believe there is another way out. Let us find it!
It is also imperative that we have fun in the process. Music concerts, comedy, and history and political lectures and seminars are going to be schedules regularly beginning in the New Year.
PLEASE, GET INVOLVED, help us create the momentum, we are running out of time!

The Auditorium is located at 333 Danforth Ave. in Toronto


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