Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It is so easy to sink into the ¨winter blues¨ as winter continues to crawl on, and the temperature refuses to rise. But if you are continually dragging your feet in the morning, having a hard time concentrating at work, and then finding yourself simply too tired to get out of the house in the evening, it could be more than a case of the ¨blues¨.

We all feel tired from time to time, but continuous fatigue could be a sign of underlying health issues. Once you have ruled out the possibility of conditions such as anemia, diabetes, a low thyroid, or other serious illnesses, homeopathy can help.

What is homeopathy you ask? It is a system of medicine that treats illness by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanism.

And like most remedies in natural health, results will vary depending on the individual, so choose a remedy that suits you best, or find an experienced homeopath to help you out.

Listed below are a few homeopathic remedies.

For physical exhaustion with muscle aching after strenuous activity, jet lag, feeling dazed, weary, and sore. It is also the first remedy to administer after surgery or injury.

For feelings of exhaustion as if coming down with the flu, chills, trembling, and headache in the back of the head. Also used when recovering from the flu is slow and fatigue lingers. Gelsemium is the main remedy for weakness from anticipation before a performance, when unable to think, or shaky.

For irritable exhaustion as a result of working too hard for long hours along with poor eating and sleeping habits. Also used when feeling stressed or tense.

For mental exhaustion and sluggishness, trouble concentrating, lack of willpower, and feeling confused when trying to focus.

In addition to homeopathy, you can support your body with a few easy diet and lifestyle changes.

 Have a cup of maté tea for an energy boost minus the caffeine
 Replace all processed foods with organic whole foods
 Use Stevia instead of sugar
 Limit your daily usage of PDAs
 Take a stroll and exercise on a regular basis outdoors to increase oxygen and energy ( snow, rain or shine )
 Treat yourself to organic dark chocolate! That’s right ladies… Eat up for your health!
 Practice regular sleep patterns
 Meditate or spend a few minutes alone each day to improve energy and reduce stress.

Until next time,

Heal yourself
Heal the planet

Sources : ALive Academy, Natural Health Fundamentals

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