Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back to School Organic Style

I am sure many of you got to experience the excitement of back to school last week. We got to last week for the first time as parents. Jules started senior kindergarten on staggered entry last Friday. It was a short 10 minute walk from our Parkdale home. Jules is in everyday afternoons, so we don’t need to pack a lunch, but we can pack a healthy snack. We had our Sigg bottle filled with icy water and a reusable bento box from For Fridays snack I sliced cucumber, apple and some cubes of Brickstreet bread. I Just packed Mondays snack this evening (shown above). A little scoop of mint pasta salad with chick peas, cucumbers, tomatoes and pumpkin seeds, scoop of optimum slim and slices of nectarines and plums. The school is nut free but I am guessing seeds are ok? I asked Jules what the other kids were eating out of curiosity and he said candy! I think this was a little fib. He finished his first day and was so happy! A big smile and a couple of apple slices returned home. We will see what comes back Monday!

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