Monday, May 14, 2012

Maple Baked Mother’s Day

Sooo…. Midnight Monday night Maple baked beans are ready! Has anyone actually made these before?!!! MY GOSH! I decided to make these last night from scratch for the first time, let the beans soak overnight, woke up, went to work, came home late only to find that the beans actually needed 6 hours to slow cook! (Failed to read ahead in the instructions on cooking time…). So I ended up making Limón chard pasta, quick, easy homemade fail-proof dinner that is ready in 30 minutes. Truth is my darling mom gave me this recipe on mother’s day yesterday, which is very ironic because when I was eleven and decided to become a vegetarian, my mom tried relentlessly to feed me brown beans and tofu which I hated both. She made me eat them though, since I decided I wasn’t eating meat, at the time I thought it was torcher. She even made a special effort to make sure the utensils did not cross contaminate when she was cooking steak for the rest of our family. But thank you mom, now that I am almost 30, learning to love tofu and brown beans, I know you were only looking out for my best interest. And thanks to her, my home smells sooo good on this midnight on a Monday after mother’s day. Next time I might save this for a weekend event. Furthermore I did not read that this recipe will serve 12 people for a week (do you see how many beans are in this photo!). With one adult and two children under 5, I hope the staff at GEO will enjoy this too. Thank you mom for the recipe and for making me eat my beans! Happy Mother's day Mom! I hope all the mothers had the most wonderful mother’s day!(And I hope Jules and Jacquelyne will eat these beans! I’ll keep my fingers crossed) Next week I’ll tell you how my step mother used to sneak tofu into my morning smoothie

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