Monday, May 11, 2009

Slugs in the Garden

There are a few ways of deterring slugs from eating away at our gardens. Rather than using the slug killers on the market that contain products that do not enhance life in the soil nor promote healthy plants or food crops, you could try the following alternatives:

Leaving a half empty bottle or can of beer in your garden will have slugs climbing in it, and after a taste they will not be able to climb back out.

I have also been successful with eggshells scattered around plants like Hostas and leafy greens in my veggie garden. The eggshells will need to be rinsed or they will attract critters. After cleaning them, crush them and apply at the base of plants. The process is most effective when the shells are reapplied on a regular basis.

Another process that is quite effective, although gruesome, is to come out after dark with a pair of scissors and a flashlight as they are lurking in your garden in search of food and snip them.

Living Canvas is providing sustainable human powered gardening practices, and pesticides alternative, keeping you and your neighborhood at peace naturally. Living Canvas believes in enriching the soil which in turn feeds the plants.

Every year we add soil amender to your flower beds and lawn. This process provides nutrition plants require for a healthy growing season. All the organic matter when breaking down continues to nourish and equalizes the soil PH. Liming is no longer required for lawns. The organic matter in the soil also enhances moisture retention which reduces water consumption. We also support earth friendly, biological pest control methods for the benefit of your health as well as the health of your entire yard ecosystem.