Monday, October 12, 2009

Canadian Food Delivery Service Brings Organic

Thank you to Allison Smith for this great review!
Whilst on my search for my next great green feature, I came across a Canadian business that specializes in searching out the best local and organic food in your area and then delivering it straight to your doorstep. Green Earth Organics operates out of and delivers to both Toronto and Vancouver (and is expanding to Muskoka and Ontario cottage country soon). They provide a unique service for the green-minded diner.
Green Earth Organic's website is efficient and easy to use, allowing the customer to choose from three different sized produce baskets that range in price from $37.00 -$60.00. I ordered the Family Harvest Box ($47.00) that was recommended for two people, and found the quantity to be more than enough for my boyfriend and I, as well as a friend or two who stopped by during mealtime. Although the most predominant things on their site are fresh fruit and vegetables, Green Earth Organics also offers a variety of organic dairy products, cleaning supplies and snacks that you can add to your order.
While the prices can seem a little steep, the delivery service makes up for it in convenience and quality. My harvest box was delivered within the one hour period I specified - which was perfect, I'm a busy woman! - and was filled to the brim with beautiful, incredibly fresh fruit and vegetables.
The harvest boxes are filled with a standard order of seasonal produce, but allow for up to three substitutions per order. For example, I am not a huge fennel fan, so I swapped it for some cremini mushrooms. They offered organic bananas, but I was hoping for something local so I swapped them for some organic Ontario red chard. Yum!
Organic vegetables are thought to be healthier for human consumption because no pesticides are used during their production. Studies also suggest that organic vegetables develop more polyphenols - chemical substances found in plants that act as antioxidents - because they have to work harder to fight off pests. Conventionally farmed plants let pesticides do the work for them, and don't have to grow as strong.
As famous food writer Michael Pollan says in his book In Defense Of Food: An Eater's Manifesto, "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."
Green Earth Organics makes this manifesto achievable and convenient.
By Allison Smith

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