Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I made my first Turkey last year, (we hosted dinner for our friends Saturday and went to our family's on Sunday). Most of the direction was given to me over the telephone by my mom and grandmother. Billy took all the guts out, (as I would say did the dirty work!). I also did not have a baster and had to lift and pour each time. Also, I opted not to stuff the turkey with the stuffing, but a peeled lemon which turned out nice. The bouquet garni really made the bird (using 1/2 for the turkey and half for the stuffing). It turned out well and maybe a bit small since there was nothing left but bones. This year we look forward to going to our family's only for Thanksgiving since our kitchen is undergoing renovations. Hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving this year!!!

You will need:
-apples (for the body)
-coloured toothpicks 
-coloured mini-marshmallows added to 5 or 6 toothpicks and stick them in one end of the apple, like a fan, to make a feathered tail. 
-gumdrops (for the head and a toothpick for the neck)
Use 3 yellow toothpicks for legs (in a triangular position so your turkey can stand up)

A Counting Rhyme

5 little turkeys by the old barn door,1 runs away, and now there are 4.     
4 little turkeys by the sycamore tree,1 runs away, and now there are 3.
3 little turkeys gobbling as they do,1 runs away, and now there are 2.
2 little turkeys strutting in the sun,1 runs away, and  now there is 1.
1 lonely turkey run, runs away,for soon it will be Thanksgiving Day!

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