Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Bin Option at GEO: $10 off your 100km Bin July to August

Keep your taste buds changing with the Ontario growing season.
The summer is upon us and I know many of you want to make every effort to choose local and take advantage of the season. In order insure you remain organic throughout the summer, GEO is proud to introduce our 100km bin. Get the best of both worlds: Its 100% organic (as always with us) and 100% local! We are happy to help you support our local Ontario farmers by offering this bin option on a 2 month special for $10 off. That is a $40 value for $30 and if you choose it weekly you will be saving a possible $80 on your groceries for the summer. Though our policy is always choosing as much local as possible, this bin will be 100% local, which means you might not see as much fruit at this time of year but when we do get it, you will have abundance. In the winter you can expect to see lots of apples and delicious root vegetables. In order to provide you with a larger selection, you cannot make substitutions on this bin option. As you may know, the local produce does come at a higher premium, since our Ontario farms are a little smaller than most California farms that produce a higher quantity of organics. Buying local supports a more sustainable food system because true sustainability goes beyond the methods used in food production to include every step that brings food from farm to plate. This means buying food and goods that are grown raised and produced close to home whenever possible. Buying local products not only supports local farmers and business, it provides you with peace of mind knowing where your goods are coming from and that they must conform with all Ontario government guidelines in their production and farming methods. Your food will be fresher and more nutritious, your goods made by your neighbours and you will be contributing to a healthier economy and less fossil fuel being used to transport items long distances. You pay for freshness and taste, not packaging, and freight. You are supporting local jobs for local people. We have also added our 100km Grocery Isle to our website that is sorted by Fresh Local and Packaged Local, though not included in this isle is our dairy, meat and brick street bread, you can rest assure that it is as well local.
We already know you find the value in choosing organic, but if you are a locavore this one’s for you! If you are interested please give us a call or email to switch your bin option.
100km Harvest Bin for the week of July 5-9
ON Yellow Beans
HH Tomato
ON Carrots
ON Red Leaf
ON Red Potato
Yellow Zucchini
ON Baby Bok Choy
6 Spy Apples
ON Green Kale
ON Broccoli
English Peas
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