Saturday, October 2, 2010


What’s the Problem?
Every time we buy food we’re voting for the kind of food that we want. When we spend money, we’re telling the people who feed us that we want more of what they’ve got to offer.
We now know that every purchase we make has an impact on the world around us, on the people that bring goods to our homes, and on our economy.

Do you want food that’s good for the planet around us? That respects the people that produce it, and that encourages economic growth here at home? Or do you want another kind of food?
What if the simple act of changing the way you spend $10 could help save the environment and support local farmers?
We don’t have to solve all the world’s problems at once. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. But by shifting just $10 a week to local sustainable food, you can make a real difference by voting with your dollars for fare that fair, healthier communities and good food for tomorrow. By shifting $10 per week, you can have direct, measurable environmental and economic impact…
What does it all mean?
When 100 people shift $10 a week for a year, they reduce greenhouse gasses (GHGs) by the equivalent of nearly 10 cars, and create 1 local job.
1000 people = nearly 100 cars worth of GHG reductions and 10 new local jobs
10,000 people = nearly 1000 cars worth of GHG reductions and 100 new local jobs
But what am I voting for?
When you vote for local sustainable food, you’re voting for:
• Local farmers and food production
• Reduced pesticide and fertilizer use
• Soil and water conservation
• Humane animal treatment
• Protection of natural species and their habitats
• Safe and fair working conditions
• Reduced energy use
So take the pledge to shift $10 of your weekly food spending to Certified Local Sustainable food. For fair that’s fair, healthier communities, and good food for tomorrow, vote with your dollars!

As a business we have made our pledge to offer at all times, food from at least 10 local farmers or food producers and you can tell how much you spend already by the percentage that is local on your bin. You can also find these items for sale in our 100km section to make it easy for you to find local. As always, everything we sell is certified organic!

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