Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Stinking Rose By Valerie Hould-Marchand

It is no secret that garlic is a superfood. In fact, it has been praised since ancient times as a cure-all medicine. Garlic was not only placed in the tomb of Pharaohs, it was supposedly given to the builders of the pyramids to enhance their strength and endurance. Ancient Greeks and Romans also recognized the strength-enhancing qualities, whose soldiers consumed garlic before going off to war. Science, however, was slow to catch up with its well deserved reputation.

In 1858, scientist Louis Pasteur was able to prove that garlic could kill bacteria. Garlic is now known to be a powerful ally in the fight against numerous health problems.

Nicknamed the "Stinking Rose", it is a member of the lily family and is a cousin to leeks, onions, shallots and chives. Garlic can lower blood pressure, treat infections and protect circulation. It is a natural antibiotic and stimulates the immune system.


As mentioned above, Garlic is effective in treating or preventing numerous medical conditions. Here are a few health-promoting actions of garlic :

-Acidophilus growth stimulant
-Antibacterial agent
-Antifungal agent
-Antioxidant agent
-Antiaging agent
-Antistress agent
-Liver-protective agent

The following health problems may be helped by garlic consumption :

-Cardiovascular disease
-Colds and flu
-Gastrointestinal disorders
-High toxin level
-High cholesterol


So how much garlic should you consume everyday? The recommended daily intake is one to two cloves a day.It can be taken in a supplement form, eaten fresh or used in oil. Don’t worry : making your own garlic oil is easy! Just add peeled whole garlic cloves to a quart of olive oil
( Rinse the cloves before soaking them in the oil ). I encourage you to experiment with the number of cloves that will satisfy your taste buds. The garlic oil will keep for up to one month in the refrigerator.


Always crush your garlic and let it sit for at least one minute before you change its temperature or alter its pH balance. This will allow the alliinase enzymes the chance to work on behalf of your health by increasing the health benefits you receive from garlic.

And if you are worried about what your breath will smell like after consuming so much garlic, simply chew a bit of parsley or mint and the unpleasant odor will be history.

Heal yourself
Heal the planet


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  1. Although garlic is great for you in many ways, it also works against brain functions and could be an explanation for alot of the attention problems we have in modern times----since garlic is in so much of our foods.
    The problem is it penetrates the brain blood barrier and causes us to react more slowly
    which is fine for most of us, but can mean trouble when you have an exam or a pilots test

    heres a site referencing the effect
    though there are more studies out there
    not to worry though the positives still make it worthwhile
    but probably it is best to eat before bed rather than before a test