Monday, January 17, 2011

Hydrate your Chapped Canadian Skin by the Food you Eat

I Love Canada, and Toronto, and winter but I am not very happy with my skin right now. After a little research on what foods are good for you and your skin in the Canadian winter her they are to share with you! I am not one for taking vitamins but would rather find my nutrition on whole every day foods. Is it from having 2 babies that my skin is more sensitive, or my central heating? This winter in particular my skin is definitely dry. I have broken my finding into 5 basic groups. (Maybe Valerie can comment.) I’ll report back in the next few weeks and let you know the status of my skin. We would love to hear your tips too!
Omega 3’s
Avocado (strategically in the bin this week!)
Olive Oil
Vitamin E. (found in..)
Dark Leafy Greens (Spinach is in you bin this week too, you will always find at least 1 weather it be chard kale spinach…)
Whole Grains
beta-carotene :
higher in Raw foods
Orange and yellow vegetables-I must just slip this in that (I HATE CARROTS!)
4. Sulphur: (this is new to me that sulphur is found in food and actually good for you!?)
garlic, onion and eggs
5. Water!Water!Water!Water!Water!Water!Water!Water!

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