Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Trends in Food

Manitouland Island, Ontario Wild Fish
Among a number of articles I've been reading on trends in food, one main theme I found was thrift.  This includes everything from pickling anything; grill cheese, casual dining and sharing plates. Some of the other trends that stood out to me included are smoked fish and doughnuts.
Cultural trends of 2011 that may be continuing on in 2012 included Nordic, Peruvian, Portuguese and Moroccan.   We will continue 2012 with a rise in offbeat grains.
"Exotic Fish We're not talking about raiding your tropical fish tank, but as concerns about overfishing of traditionally appreciated varieties continue, and industry players learn more about which fish are most successfully farmed, you may start seeing lesser-known fish - wild and otherwise - in your local fish market and on menus. Paiche, fugu, and toadfish for everyone!"
Another dinning trend that began in NCY is the communal tables in restaurants; I love this and have seen them in restaurants in Toronto.
Bacon seems to be another trend that is popping up in every dish whether it be sweet or savory or even in a cocktail.
For drinks we can say for sure that bars will be focusing on domestically sourced spirits.  As well Gin and some barrel aged liquors.
Can't wait to see what else 2012 has in store!

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