Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feast of Fields

Join us September 13 for the 20th Anniversary - Feast of Fields
Chefs, Vintners & Organic Producers Serving up an authentic organic food experience
Feast has received a tremendous show of support for our 20th anniversary celebration. From 100 exhibitors we have 40 chefs; 10 micro-breweries; 11 wineries and many, many more. View list on our website.

Chef Michael Smith

Chef Suman Roy
Photo credit: Vitality Magazine
“I look forward to being a part of this year’s Feast of Fields. In fact I had so much fun last year meeting passionate organic producers and chefs that I’m bringing Becky and Rachel with me. Because the best food is not just local, it’s created by your friends. And they just might get a tip or two to help them on their farm. My farm!"
Food Network at Home host Chef Michael Smith
“Feast of Fields is a unique way for people to discover organic food production by literally going directly to the source,” says Daniel Gilbert, Chair of Organic Advocate, the group responsible for organizing this event.
Noted Chef-owner of Daniel’s of Nobleton also notes, “Guests can use all their senses to truly experience food as never before while getting unique access to the people that actually grow their food and prepare their meals.”
“This colourful festival was founded as a way to bring chefs and farmers together to promote organic agriculture and sustainability. It has become one of Canada's leading foodie events, and it's a great way to get out of the city to get up close and personal with your food. Every year it features numerous food stations manned by a who's who of local chefs, brewers, winemakers, bakers, farmers and assorted culinary superheroes.” M. Smith 2008 Globe & Mail
All the food is created to be eaten by hand, eliminating paper plates and other disposable items. In the past, chefs have ingeniously served their fare wrapped in lettuce leaves, nestled in vegetable cups, layered on croquettes, mounded on cornbread and even set on cedar planks and pieces of salad. As a guest, you will be given a linen napkin and wine glass to use throughout the afternoon.
Patrons of Feast receive a carry bag with a ‘keepsake’ cook book of recipes prepared for the day and a selection of our best recipes from the past.
A special gift: Harrowsmith Country Life magazine is donating a one year subscription (per family) to ticket - guests of Feast.
Feast has raised over $50,000 for organic agricultural industry.

If you have already purchased your ticket, we thank you and will see you there. If you haven't, please view our PDF flyer or visit our website for information on this years event.

Tickets can be purchased through the Feast of Fields website or by phone: 905 859 3609

Photo credit: J. Glaser
Organic Advocates – Feast of Fields

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