Friday, August 14, 2009

Green Cricket Special Offer 15% off

A few weeks ago I placed my first order with Like us, they are an online delivery company; however they offer everything we don’t, from home decor to toys. All their products are in some way, environmentally friendly. Just to give you an idea, here is how they work their ‘Green Rating System’
"Green Cricket assesses every product offered on our site against our own quality criteria, and provides full transparency of “what’s green” about each. Our Green Rating System uses a range of environmental factors that span the product lifecycle. We have grouped this System into five main criteria to evenly assess each product. Part of this evaluation includes the extent to which these products have obtained third-party certifications from government or standards organizations. We have chosen only those products that, based on this assessment, are consistent with our commitment to bringing the best in green products to you."
When I placed the order I got to choose when I wanted it delivered, as well as the delivery time; although I wanted it as soon as possible, the time of day made no difference. I ordered 4 sets of the (white) Organic Cotton Wash Cloth, Bath Towel, and Hand Towel. Yes, I know it’s a lot but I actually don’t own any organic cotton towels, so I was trying to replace some of the non-organic towels. The order came in an early Friday morning, Billy and I were both excited to open it because it wasn’t just a boring postal box, it was a cute little white box marked with the Green Cricket Logo.

I also tried to order their stainless steel ice cube trays ()but they were out of stock at the time. I’m pretty sure my grandmother has the same ones from decades ago; it’s a rectangle block, with a crank to break the ice. It looks like lots of fun. I will try again for the ice cube trays.
Their website allows you to put together an order and let it sit if you are not quite ready to have it delivered, it is also very easy to add or remove items from your shopping basket as you look through their site.
Green Cricket is offering all Green Earth Organic members a special discount. Enter GREENEARTH09 at check out to receive the discount. Please let me know what you order and how you like it on our blog!

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